What's Trending Snapshot May 2014

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Lids Are Overrated

Lids Are Overrated CoverOne of our partners, Ellie representing the E in TREC, has just published her first ebook. The short novel is titled “Lids Are Overrated.” This book is available at Amazon, Smashwords, along with a few other ebook retailers. The cover photo was also taken by our in house photographer, Richie. Look for more info on ebook publishing in the near future.



Operation Clandestine Fox

Recently a huge vulnerability has been revealed in Internet Explorer which has been nicknamed “Operation Clandestine Fox” by a security company called FireEye. This particular bug allows hackers to take control of your computer if you visit a compromised website. At this point Microsoft has not released an update to fix the issue. The best course of action is to either switch to another browser or enable “ Enhanced Protected Mode” in Internet Explorer. For to many reasons to list here we recommend that you switch to either the Google Chrome or Firefox browser. You can read more about this new security issue on the Microsoft page for Security Advisory 2963983. Do not be a victim of Operation Clandestine Fox, be proactive and protect yourself!

New Twitter Layout

Very recently Twitter update the layout for profile pages. Currently the changes are optional however that may soon change. There are a few things you need to be aware of regarding the new layout on Twitter. The most obvious thing with the change is that everything is bigger. It also feels remarkably like Facebook profiles. One of the new features is the ability to pin one tweet to the top of your profile. Again this is very similar to Facebook pages. The Twitter header is now much larger and resembles a Facebook cover image. Now that all seems like good changes. However there are some major issues with the Twitter header image.

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Facebook Turns 10

The big news of the day is facebook celebrate 10 years since it's creation. Part of that celebration is custom videos for each facebook user. It is simply amazing to think about the technology to create these videos dynamically for so many people. When you see the videos it becomes obvious that they are all made from the same template which allows facebook to sync the video to music. The video tries for emotional nostalgia, however the effectiveness of that tact depends greatly on the content of your posts. I would not be surprised to see some very humorous videos result from this. To see your custom facebook video, assuming you have a facebook account, click the link below.


You can see my video by clicking the link below.