Updated Terms of Service

We recently updated our terms of service. The addition to the terms is that when we provide a quote for hardware such as computer parts, that the hardware is subject to availability with our wholesaler. Also when you order hardware the payment needs to be received in full before we make the purchase from the wholesaler.
We also updated the description of how we will provide updates to our Terms of Service(TOS). Before the change it basically said in legal terms that we were going to send an email to everyone on the planet when we update the TOS. Well we don’t have everyone's email address, so we had to change that.
The last change is that if a hosting account is compromised or sending spam we might suspend the account. This is something we only do if it is impacting other clients. This mostly impacts hosting accounts that are self managed or unmanaged. 
The full terms of service is located at http://trec.pro/tos

From Search to Shop

Local search is ever more important these days as the use of yellow pages has continued to drop off the map over the last few years. Showing up in local search results requires more than just a website. Often overlooked is Search Engine Marketing(SEM) for local searches. Two very important parts of local SEM are review management and online maps. Both of these items need to be considered if you are selling to a local or regional target audience.

Getting reviews can be time consuming unless you have a review funnel setup to automatically request reviews from your satisfied clients. A well implemented review funnel will also help prevent negative reviews from ever getting posted online and give you a chance to respond ahead of time. One of the benefits of reviews is your customers will often write using the same phrases as others that are searching for your services. Fresh content also helps your business website maintain and improve your position in local Search Engine Results Pages(SERP).

Below is a list of the most common local searches and when they are most popular. If you think your business needs help setting up a review funnel or updating online map data contact us now!

Source thinkwithgoogle.com


January Update

Greetings Friends,

Each year our objective is to help you grow your business, prosper, and achieve your goals. This last year has been full of exciting changes that allowed us to make some great upgrades to the services we provide to you. This message covers new features of the services we provide, followed by changes you need to be aware of.

New Data Center & Servers

We have moved all TRECpro servers to new data centers that are faster and more responsive. Currently our servers are in three different data centers in various locations in the USA. During this move we also upgraded our servers with new hardware and software. This means services will be have better redundancy and higher speeds. We have moved all TRECpro accounts to the new servers. Accounts on the Pro Source Design server are in the process of moving to these new servers.

New Hosting Features

With the upgrades to the servers we added new features to your accounts. Softaculous, an easy to use app installer, is now included with all accounts. Softaculous includes a wide range of apps which can be used independently or integrated into your website. We have enabled a few of the apps and more apps will be enabled as we confirm they are compatible with our servers.
One new feature that really stands out is mailscanner which is now included with all accounts on TRECpro servers. This program can scan your email for viruses, spam and scams. It is going to make a big difference in the amount of spam you will get.
We have also launched a new self service site which makes it easier for you to manage your account, order services, request support, and much more. We are in the process of creating all the accounts, check your inbox for login details. You can check it out at http://cart.trecpro.com

Microsoft Spam Status

Completed recently, we have setup a communication channel with Microsoft to alert us if spam is sent from one of our servers. This allows us to better protect the spam reputation of your account. We can now see within 24-48 hours if your account is blocked by Outlook.com, Hotmail, and all other Microsoft email services. This will also make it easier to clear up problems if they do occur.

New Services Offered

We are now offering a wide range of cloud solutions for businesses services including Microsoft Office 365, AVG Antivirus, Google Apps for Work, Carbonite Online Backup, Nextiva VoIP. Most of these services can be provided below retail prices. Contact us for a custom quote.

Welcome Pro Source Design Clients


Hi there and welcome to the TRECpro family. This will be a brief letter to explain what has happened with your account with Pro Source Design (which also did business as Real Solutions Advertising) and about some of the new service and media options now that you're safely in our care.


In 2015, TRECpro acquired the business assets of Pro Source Design and therefore we have the honor of serving all of their clients. Websites will be moved to our safer servers with similar hosting plans provided by TRECpro. Rest assured that your website’s security is paramount to us. Design and printing services will also benefit from our professional expertise.


TRECpro is a marketing and information technology company.  Our goal is to help your business succeed using a combination of many mediums available today. Whether it’s a basic website and graphic design or video production we’ve got all your marketing bases covered. With TRECpro you’ll also enjoy prompt services and as mentioned earlier better security. We acquired the assets of Pro Source Design and their clients because our desire to see your company thrive. You have a business to run and your online presence is a key element in today’s tech based world. We want to help.


Now we are in the process of auditing domain names and associating them with the correct accounts. Here are a couple steps that you can take to help us make this a smooth transition. Firstly, please review your account online at cart.trecpro.com to make sure your company’s details are correct. Secondly, add or edit Authorized Agents, this tells us who is allowed access to your account.  
As we switch your website to our more secure servers there may be interruptions in access to your site. Any interruptions in service will be brief and occur mostly late at night to avoid peak times.  There may also be changes impacting access to your email, which might require changing settings on your computer or smartphone. Some sites will need to be updated in order function properly on the new servers. These changes may require a redesign which will be noted in their dossier.  If your site needs to be redesigned we will be in contact. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at HelpMe@TRECpro.com or 1-866-400-TREC(8732).  

Account Changes

Hosting Plan Changes

As of January 31st we are revising all hosting plans. We are introducing a number of new plans for those who don’t need as much server resources, such as hobbyist, microsites, basic websites. Current plans will be switched over to similar plans with better defined features. You will be on the plan that best matches your previous plan. In most cases the only change you will notice is a different name on your plan.
In the past all plans required annual payments. We are now offering plans on Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, and Annually payment plans. The best deals are still with the annual plans. To get the most out of these new plans or to change your billing plan contact us at HelpMe@TRECpro.com or by calling 1-866-400-TREC(8732).  


Account Management Updates

We have launched a brand new self service site located at http://cart.trecpro.com. From this site you can manage your services, domains, support tickets and authorized agents. We are setting up accounts in batches. When your account is setup you will get an email with log in details. Please be sure to add a call in password so we can verify your account via the phone. If you have any staff that you would like to have acting as an Authorized Agent on your behalf, we will need to add them as an authorized agent. You can do this yourself online or call in the details for us to add for you. Your domain names will also be available to manage soon, after we complete an audit of domain names.