Business Pro Tips newsletter
Bussines Pro Tips is a monthly newsletter from and is provided as a free extra service with every qulified service agreement. We created this as a tool to help you reach your goals. We really just want to see you succeed and believe this newsletter can help you achieve your objectives. 
Featured Article or News
With each newsletter will provide articles and news relevant to running and marketing a business  online. News is best when kept brief. Your time is limited. The articles and news are written so that you can get to the key points quickly and move on with what is important in your day. This section will be different every month, expect variety.
Key Dates
This section gives you a quick and easy list of upcoming days that have increased potential to impact your online marketing for the next three months. Some of these dates are regular holidays that we are all familiar with, others have more significance online or to niche groups. Don’t get caught off guard with your marketing! Try to plan at least three months in advance.
What’s Trending Snapshot
Every day something new is popular on the internet and on various websites. In this section we take a look at what is trending at that moment. You can count on interesting videos, photos, and stories when reading the Snapshot. In certain cases we will also provide a more in depth analysis of what's trending and why.