Intro to Social Media
This crash course provides a quick introduction to the major social networks and provides some basic information to help you decide which networks your company should be active on. It also provides basic best practice when posting on social media networks.
Get Your Business on the Map
This crash course will show you the power of geography based search results, social media, and how you can make sure your company is seen. Practical steps and a checklist are also provided.
Digitally Secure Your Business
Do you think your business is hacker proof? In this crash course we help you prevent attacks by taking simple and reasonable steps to protect your business online. 
About the Crash Courses
Each crash course is about 45 minutes, followed by an informal question and answer time. We will annouce crash course open to the public on this website and on our social channels, as they are scheduled. The crash courses can be scheduled specificly for your orginzation, please contact us for details.