Family is important.

TRECpro is a family business. During much of 2016 various family members have experienced severe health issues. Many of our clients, who are also like family to us, have provided support and prayers. We are very thankful for all the kindness and patience you have shown us. We are looking forward to the new year and celebrating 15 years in business. We are also looking forward to working more with each one of you.


Quick Reminder - Holiday Shopping is coming soon!

Do you have your marketing plan and materials ready for this holiday shopping season? It’s not too late to get everything setup, however, time is running short. Mobile and social media are the king and queen of busy online shoppers.


Important Change - Google Changed Review Ranking

Sometimes Google makes changes and nobody notices. Other times they turn the tables upside down. In just the last few days Google has made a simple change that is impacting how they are displaying reviews in their knowledge graph. Google is now showing scores and review counts from other sites, such as facebook, yelp and more. The two review sites with the most reviews are shown, in addition to reviews placed directly on Google. This change has also altered ranking in Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). It is critical for business owners to reevaluate their review acquisition campaigns.

Because of these changes, it is more important than ever to be constantly acquiring new quality reviews. This is specifically why we offer our review management and monitoring service. This service gives you the control over reviews and improves your search rank.

Get the first month free, of our review management and monitoring service. This offer ends on September 30th. Click the link to get the discount automatically.

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Massive DDoS Attack Oct 21


Today there has been a massive DDoS attack. The results have been wide spread and impact websites and service providers across America. The Department of Homeland Security is monitoring this attack which has come in waves since early Friday. The primary target is Dyn DNS on the east coast. Dyn provides backbone services for a wide range of internet companies, as a result problems are widespread.

TRECpro is not being directly attacked and most of our services have not been impacted. Email delivery to and from TRECpro servers might be delayed depending on the email sources and servers beyond our control. We have also had some minimal issues with the Review Funnel services that depend on some 3rd parties. If you have any issues please contact us for assistance.


CenturyLink Update Sept 8 2016

Everytime I talk with someone from CenturyLink they explain that my issues are because of how things are setup at my location. This is the same thing they tell every business and home internet user. However, there is very strong proof locally and nationally that CenturyLink is at fault. For more information on the issue visit the link below.
We are not associated with

Survey Results

Over 100 people responded to the survey about the problem with CenturyLink, with over 96% responding that the internet has not been working correctly during the last month.
Over half said they have not contacted CenturyLink yet. While almost 20% said they have contacted CenturyLink more than once.
Also over 88% said the internet still has not been fixed or the problem came back.
Please share this survey with others! 

What you can do

First, if you have not called CenturyLink about the problem, please let them know. Keep calling them until it is fixed.
Second, forward this information to others. Ask friends and family to fill out the survey 
Third, we need more data about the problem. To help with collecting data please follow the steps below. 
  1. Download and install PingPlotter 
  2. Start PingPlotter
  3. Enter target name
  4. Click on the + and enter target name
  5. Leave the program running, it will not slow down your computer or internet.
  6. Export and send the results. It would be ideal to get results once a day, but anytime you can send them will be helpful.
    1. Click on the tab
    2. Click on File > Export to text file… >
    3. Select “All Samples”
    4. Click Export
    5. Save the file someplace you can find it.
    6. Click on the tab and repeat steps to export the file.
    7. Email the files to