Campaign Spotlight - Share a Coke

Photo of employee with warm smile holding a coke bottle
This last summer one of our clients ran a brilliant campaign on facebook. Wendy, a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant with a local vision clinic, came up with this idea based on Coca-Cola’s share a Coke campaign. Highlighting the fact that all employees, not just those in marketing, are important contributors to social media. The clinic used the Coke bottles in conjunction with a free sunglasses giveaway. To win the free sunglasses Facebook users needed to spot a Coke bottle with their name on it then visit the vision clinic to claim the prize.
“I was shopping in the store one afternoon and saw a coke bottle with my sister’s name on it.”  Wendy said when asked about her inspiration. “I bought it, even though she lives in Portland, and took a pic of myself drinking it and sent it to her to let her know I was drinking my half of her Coke.”
Each of the Facebook posts featured an eye catching photo with an employee. Each photo had a warm and friendly feeling and in addition looked very spur the moment and natural. Those qualities helped create a relatable and approachable atmosphere around the staff at the vision clinic. 
It went viral, “I tested it out on Facebook for one day and it exploded. Of course, we boosted each post to get it out a bit better, but the feedback we got from patients was extremely positive.” Organically the posts received 4 to 8 times as many views as their average posts. Boosting the posts resulted in 40 to 50 times their average views.
Another key was responding and engaging with their customer base on Facebook. When a campaign does better than expected it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the results. When a Facebook user commented “Aaannnddd this is why my parents should've given me a normal name.... Sad.” Wendy quickly responded with “Look what I found at the store! Seems legit…”   
This is social media done right. Engaging, relatable, along with leveraging the name recognition of another brand created significant and viral results for this vision clinic.

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What's Trending Snapshot November 2014

Trending now but not for long...

Watch the trending video for November 2014
Enterprise Rent A Car, which was founded in 1957 by Jack Taylor in the United States, is advertising in the UK now.  The advertisement is a clever, if not controversial, approach to using the British and American stereotype to the max. American founded companies that wish to go international will have to figure out if this more comedic culture clash approach is for them. Is this funny or insulting? You be the judge.

Find out what ruins looked in their glory days.
Ever wonder what a ruin once looked like in its glory days. By drawing a framework of the building upon a glass window something old comes to life before your very eyes.  Caption on the photo “ A clever way to show how ancient ruins looked like.” From

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Getting Your Business on the Map

Getting your business on the map title image

When customers are looking for a business they overwhelmingly go to the internet to do a search. Statistics show that 84% of those under 54 use the internet as their first source of information. What happens next is important. Many of these searches use either a keyword specific to a location or the location of the searcher is identified by ip address or GPS. The result is that most searches will provide a map to show business located close to the searcher.

For example go to google and type in just one word, “Food”. Or you could just look at the image below. Can you tell where I was when I did the search? The results brought up reviews and a map. Also most of the results are based on my location in Spokane, WA. If you type in one keyword relating to your business does your company show up on the map? It should. Try a few more keywords and see what results you get.

A map showing local results in Google.

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Announcing Dell Registered Partnership

TRECpro is excited to announce that we're now a Registered Partner in the Dell PartnerDirect Program. Our goal is to provide best in class products and services, this partnership enables us to provide industry leading technology to your business.  

The benefits of being a Dell Registered Partner are numerous, and the exclusive knowledge and best-practices information we have access to, better position us to deliver the best solutions for your needs.

Our Dell Registered Partner status:

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Please feel free to contact us to learn more about Dell's cutting-edge products and solutions, and how they can benefit your business.