TRECpro is comprised of four partners and an army of mercenaries.  We call them mercenaries because they all have killer skills to get each and every task done.  TRECpro started in 2002 with three partners, Tristan Chambers, Richie Schut, and Ellie Schut.  Later in 2005 Crystal Senn joined the partnership as it was reinvented as TRECpro.  The year 2005 was a big year for the partners.  Tristan and Ellie married as did Richie and Crystal, making TRECpro truly a family business.

What's in a name?

The first four letters represent the four partners, Tristan, Richie, Ellie, and Crystal.  The pro has been under debate for a number of years.  Professional, Production, Programmers or maybe all the above.  The debate will go on.